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Erica R.

"Amber is simply fantastic! I started using her when I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and she has made these last few months so much easier on my body! This is my second pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, my husband booked me a pre-natal massage at the Umstead, and after my first massage with Amber, I told him that hands down her services were far better than anything I could have received at the Umstead. She listens to your concerns, is knowledgeable, and spends her time focusing on the areas you request. Amber comes with my highest recommendation. I wouldn't send anyone anywhere else!!!!"

Darrick H.

"I have been a client for 5 years. Amber is professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. She has such amazing skills. She rejuvenates my tired twisted muscles. Between working, exercising, and playing, I put a lot of stress on my body. But in just 60 to 90 minutes, Amber has my muscles feeling brand new and ready to take on more. I recommend Amber Massage 100 out of 100 times. There's no better place!"

Mary S.

"Amber is an awesome massage therapist! From the first time I met her, she was able to pinpoint my issues without me even needing to say anything - it amazes me that just by observation of the way I'd carry myself or stand, she sees what I'm having trouble with (and many times found issues I didn't know about!). I've consistently had deep tissue massages for the past 2-3 years from her and they have helped me tremendously in loosening up knots and tight areas that might cause problems. I've also had hot stone and cupping done and they are amazing, as well. I'd recommend Amber to anyone, as she has been a tremendous help to me and many I know. Thank you, Amber, for all you do, and your sweet and friendly disposition is always a pleasure to see. God bless you and your business!"

Jaquelyn R.

"Amber is AMAZING! I booked an in-home session with her today. She arrived early and set up in our living room. My three-year-old was about to go upstairs for a nap and had lots of questions while she set up. He got a quick mini massage and was so calm and peaceful during it. :) I got a prenatal massage, and my husband got a deep tissue. We both enjoyed our massages so much we went ahead and booked for next month. Amber is extremely professional and provided a peaceful in-home experience."

Brooke R.

"Amber is amazing!! I've been going to her for over two years. One time I had to see someone else because she wasn't available and that was enough for me to know to never see anyone except Amber! She listens and is so knowledgeable about what affects each muscle!"

Stacey M.

"Amber is wonderful in every way. I felt great the moment I walked into her place. So calming and clean and smelled so nice. She was so accommodating, and I left there feeling brand new. Her massages are fantastic, and she has perfect, strong pressure. Even though I’m pregnant she wasn’t afraid to get into my muscles which is exactly what I wanted and needed. Highly recommend!!!"

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